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  • China Surface Mount PCB Assembly Manufacturer

    China Surface Mount PCB Assembly Manufacturer

    KAZ Circuit is a professional PCB manfuacturer for more than 10 years in China. Also provide PCB Assembly service for our clients.

    Our advantage:
    -NO MOQ
    -Our Core competitance is 2~8 layers FR-4 PCB & PCBA and 1~2 layers Aluminum PCB&PCBA.
    -Quality is our culture, all products are with ISO9001, UL ( E337072 ), TS16949, RoHS compliant.
    -300 well-trained and experienced stuff and engineers are prepare for you
  • SMT-Assembly


    SMT Assembly production line is also called Surface Mount Technology Assembly. It is a new generation of electronic assembly technology developed from hybrid integrated circuit technology. It is characterized by the use of component surface mount technology and reflow soldering technology, and has become a new generation of assembly technology in electronic product manufacturing.  The main equipment of SMT production line includes: printing machine, placement machine (electronic compone...
  • LED Display FR4 Immension Gold PCB Printed Circuit Board

    LED Display FR4 Immension Gold PCB Printed Circuit Board

    Shenzhen KAZ Circuit specalize in PCB&PCBA Manufacture in China. Our products are widely used in aerospace, communications, consumer electronics, medical devices, etc.
  • DIP-Assembly


    Dual in-line package is also called DIP package, DIP or DIL for short. It is an integrated circuit packaging method. The shape of the integrated circuit is rectangular, and there are two rows of parallel metal pins on both sides, called row needle. The components of the DIP package can be soldered in the through holes plated on the printed circuit board or inserted into the DIP socket. Integrated circuits often use DIP packaging, and other commonly used DIP packaging parts include DIP swit...
  • Testing


    When a circuit board is soldered, checking whether the circuit board can work normally, usually do not directly supply power to the circuit board, but follow the steps below: 1. Whether the connection is correct. 2. Whether the power supply is short-circuited. 3. Installation status of components. 4. Perform open circuit and short circuit tests first to ensure that there will be no short circuit after power on. The power-on test can only be started after the above hardware test before powe...
  • FPC reflexible board

    FPC reflexible board

    FPC flexible board   FPC flexible board is a kind of flexible circuit board with the simplest structure, which is mainly used to connect with other circuit boards. PCB flexible board refers to FPC flexible circuit board. FPC flexible circuit board, also known as flexible board, is a kind of PCB with excellent flexibility. FPC flexible circuit board has the advantages of high density of wiring and assembly, good flexibility, small volume, light weight and thin thickness, simple structure, conv...
  • Single-Layer-Aluminum-PCB


    Aluminum based circuit board: Aluminum substrate circuit, also known as circuit board, is a unique metal clad copper plate with good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation performance and mechanical processing performance. It is composed of copper foil, thermal insulation layer and metal substrate. Its structure is divided into three layers: Circuit layer: Copper clad equivalent to ordinary PCB, circuit copper foil thickness is 1oz to 10oz. Insulation layer: The insulation layer is a la...
  • Single-Layer-FR4-PCB


    What are the advantages of FR4 materials in PCB manufacturing FR-4 material, this is the abbreviation of glass fiber cloth, it is a kind of raw material and substrate circuit board , the general single, double-sided and multi-layer circuit board are made of this! It is a very conventional  plate! Such as Shengyi, Jiantao (KB), Jin An Guoji are the three major domestic manufacturers, such as only do FR-4 materials of circuit board manufacturers: Wuzhou Electronics, Penghao Electronics, Wanno E...
  • Special-Material-PCB


    Details for this Rogers PCB Layers: 2 layers Material: Rogers 4350B Base board thickness: 0.8mm Copper thickness: 1 OZ Surface Treatment: Immersion Gold Soldmask Color: Green Silkscreen Color: White Application: RF communication equipment Rogers is a type of high-frequency board produced by Rogers. It is different from the conventional PCB board—epoxy resin. It has no glass fiber in the middle and uses ceramic base as the high-frequency material. Rogers has superior dielectric constant and ...
  • Box Building

    Box Building

    KAZ provides complete supporting services to customers who have this kind of finished product assembly requirements. Regardless of the product batch size or product category, we will perform software configuration and final testing according to technical specifications. Advantages of finished product assembly / Box building With more than 13 years of processing experience, backed by a mature team and professional manufacturing technology, the quality of the products is guaranteed. 1. 6 fully...
  • Component-Sourcing


    We can help customers with the components sourcing including 1. Resistors 2. Capacitor 3. Inductor 4. Transformer 5. Semiconductor 6. Thyristors and field effect transistors 7. Electron tube and camera tube 8. Piezoelectric devices and Hall devices 9. Optoelectronic devices and electroacoustic devices 10. Surface mount devices 11. Integrated circuit devices 12. Electronic display devices 13. Switches and connectors 14. Relay, photoelectric coupler device 15. Mechanical parts The top mark o...
  • Conformal Coating

    Conformal Coating

    Advantages of automatic three-proof paint coating machine: one-time investment, life-long benefit. 1. High efficiency: automatic coating and assembly line operation greatly increase productivity. 2. High quality: The coating amount and thickness of the three-proof paint on each product are consistent, the product consistency is high, and the three-proof quality is stable and reliable. 3.  High precision: selective coating, uniform and accurate, coating precision is much higher than manual. ...
  • Metro PCB DIP Assembly

    Metro PCB DIP Assembly

    KAZ has 3 existing DIP post welding lines, which can produce special fixtures according to customer requirements and product conditions to ensure product reliability and effectively improve plug-in efficiency. Our DIP post-welders have rich experience and have formulated detailed standard operation guidelines and SOP operation instructions to meet the high-quality requirements of high-end customers.        
  • Double-Sided-PCB


    Using the right thickness of material is important for building FR4 PCBS. Thickness is measured in inches, such as thousands, inches, or millimeters. There are a few things to consider when choosing a FR4 material for your PCB. The following tips will  simplify your selection process: 1. Select thin FR4 materials for building panels with space constraints. Thin materials can support the various sophisticated components needed to build the device, such as Bluetooth accessories, USB connectors...


    Specification for this HID PCB: • 8 layers, • Shengyi FR-4, • 1.6mm, • ENIG 2u”, • inner 0.5OZ, outer 1OZ oz • black soldmask, • white silkscreen, • plated on filled via, Specialty: • Blind & buried vias • Edge gold plating, • Hole density: 994,233 • Test point: 12,505 • laminate/pressing: 3 times • mechanical + controlled depth drill + laser drill (3 times) HDI technology mainly has higher requirements on the size of the printed circuit board aperture, the width of the wiring, and ...
  • 4 layers PCB

    4 layers PCB

    Specification for the 4 layers PCB:  Layers: 4  Board Material: FR4  Finish Board thickness: 1.6mm  Finish copper thickness: 1/1/1/1 OZ  Surface Treatment: Immersion Gold (ENIG) 1u”  Soldmask Color: Green  Silkscreen Color: White  With Impedance Control   The biggest difference between PCB multilayer boards and single-sided and double-sided boards is the addition of an internal power layer (to maintain the internal electrical layer) and a ground layer. The power supply and ground wire ne...
  • 8-Layers-PCB


    This is an 8 layers PCB board with the specification as below: 8 layers Shengyi FR4 1.0mm ENIG 2u” Inner 0.5OZ, out 1OZ Matt black soldmask White silkscreen Plated on filled via With blind via 10 pcs per panel   How is the multilayer board laminated? Laminating is the process of bonding each layer of circuit sheets into a whole. The whole process includes kiss pressing, full pressing and cold pressing. In the kiss pressure stage, the resin infiltrates the bonding surface and fills the gaps in...
  • 10-layers-PCB


    Detail specification for this 10 layers PCB: Layers 10 layers Impedance Control Yes Board Material FR4 Tg170 Blind & Buried Vias Yes Finish Board Thickness 1.6mm Edge Plating Yes Finish Copper Thickness inner 0.5 OZ, outer 1 OZ Laser Drilling Yes Surface Treatment ENIG 2~3u” Testing 100% E-testing Soldmask Color Blue Testing Standard IPC Class 2 Silkscreen Color White Lead Time 12 days after EQ   What is a multilayer PCB and what are the characteristics of a multilayer b...
  • 12-layers-PCB


    Some more information for this 12 layers PCB Board Layers: 12 layers Finish board thickness: 1.6mm Surface Treatment: ENIG 1~2 u” Board Material: Shengyi S1000 Finish Copper thickness: 1 OZ inner layer, 1 OZ out layer Soldmask Color: Green Silkscreen Color: White With Impedance Control Blind & buried vias What are the basic principles of impedance and stack design considerations for multilayer boards? When designing impedance and stacking, the main basis is PCB thickness, number of layer...
  • Rigid-Flex-PCB


    Rigid Flex PCB The born and development of FPC and Rigid PCB give birth to the new product of Rigid-Flexible board.  which is a combination of flexible circuit board and rigid circuit board. After pressing and other procedures, it is combined according to relevant technological requirements to form a circuit board with FPC characteristics and Rigid PCB characteristics. which can be used in some products with special requirements, both flexible area and a certain rigid area, to save the intern...